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Your Session

Christopher Allison DOM  AP


With Nutritional Blood Analysis we have an opportunity to actually see how your lifestyle is affecting your body.


This perspective helps us see issues that won’t show up in normal tests, but still, affect how you feel and  how long your body lasts.


Nutritional Blood Analysis opens the door to your good health and energy in a way that is fun, educational and extremely insightful.


We use just a drop of blood from a painless finger stick and put it under a high powerful Zeiss microscope. The microscope has a high-resolution digital camera that feeds live video of your blood to a 20” wide screen LCD.


We will sit together while we talk about relevant aspects of your blood and lifestyle and what it means to your health.


You will immediately learn what is going on with your health and what you can do about it.

Your session is very interactive and you will be able to ask questions about what you see. I will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding a wide variety of topics including your blood, nutrition, diet, anti-aging therapies, hormone testing, replacement and much more.

Because we are looking directly at your blood and the influences deep within you, I am often able to point directly to the real cause of a problem that may have gone undetected for years.  Even if standard medical tests show nothing out of the ordinary, I am often able to find and help you understand specific issues that have kept you from optimum health and help you feel better, last longer and be stronger than you would have otherwise.

Based on these insights, I will tailor a specific health program that will help you feel great and significantly reduce the potential for diseases in the future.

Nutritional Blood Analysis is the best way to observe what is going on in your body . It offers exciting and revealing insights to help you obtain the health and vitality you deserve.

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