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Nutritional Blood Analysis

As we live, we are continually converting food and air into energy for our cells and the structure of our body.  As this process happens off balance, there may be artifacts and byproducts that show up in our blood.


If we are making energy efficiently and removing the byproducts cleanly, we will feel well and our blood will look clean and healthy.


If there are problems with energy production or detox pathways, then we start to feel tired or wired, have sleeping issues or digestion issues and our mind and memory may start to suffer.


We will also be able to see artifacts show up in the blood.  This site shows us where our body is going wrong and what to do about it.


Much of what we learn through our session is found in medical books taught in school as conventional doctors are training for their degrees. Unfortunately, their training shifts into symptom management with drugs.



We will talk about how to treat you holistically through lifestyle and nutrition. 




“I've gone to many other Doctors and spent thousands of dollars trying to find out what was going on with me.  Christopher did it in 1/2hr.  Absolutely amazing! You've got to do this"   

Katherine     North Palm Beach, Fl.   

“I'm a vegetarian and was wondering if there was anything I could do better.  Christopher showed me a several things that helped and I definitely feel better and have more energy."

Brandon     Tampa,  Fl.

"I thought I might have thyroid and hormone problems.  Christopher helped me understand what I could do to balance them.  He made it sound so simple and easy. I finally have direction."

Ashley   Delray Beach,  Fl.

You will understand what to do to get back to an optimal lifestyle feeling great with the ability to live longer at a higher level of mental and physical fitness.

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